Interested in opening your own Máka Mia Pizza?

Why Máka Mia Works So Well In Grocery & C-Stores:

  • Creates A New Destination
  • Leverages Existing Staff For Lower Labor Costs
  • Leverages Existing Facility Without Additional Overhead
  • Generates Maximum Sales From Your Current Customer Base

Why Máka Mia Pizza?

  • Proven And Successful Track Record
  • Comparable To National Brands
  • Registered Trademark With Brand Recognition
  • Our Signature = Commitment to Quality
  • Full Máka Mia Pizza Field Support
  • Partnering With National Leaders In Food Distribution And Manufacturing


For more information on becoming a Máka Mia partner, click the link below and learn more about our program:

Our mission is to provide traditional grocery and convenience store operators with a low-cost pizzeria system that drives sales and creates more profits by delivering great-tasting pizza and hoagies at a value to your customers

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